The Perfect Smoke & Zest G&T

Smoke & Zest Gin And Tonic Perfect Serve, Darnley's Gin

Looking for a twist on your classic weekend G&T? Introducing the ultimate winter perfect serve: The Smoke & Zest G&T.

Smoke & Zest is a unique gin that promises a symphony of flavours, making it the ideal companion for cosy evenings by the fire. Developed in collaboration with Kingsbarns Distillery, our gin is a testament to craftsmanship, featuring locally sourced barley which has been smoked over pinewood chips, and a carefully curated blend of botanicals, including coriander from our very own gin cottage garden.

Recipe: The Perfect Winter G&T

Create the perfect winter G&T with Smoke & Zest. Here's what you'll need:
50ml Smoke & Zest gin
150ml Fever-Tree Indian Tonic
Orange wheel for garnish
    1. Fill your favourite gin glass with ice.
    2. Pour in 50ml of Smoke & Zest gin.
    3. Add 150ml of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.
    4. Garnish with a refreshing orange wheel.
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