Meet the Team: Bethany Mackie, Ecommerce Manager

Next up in our Meet the Team series, introducing Bethany Mackie, Wemyss Family Spirits’ Ecommerce Manager.

“I’ve always been inspired by different flavours and smells, but I think my passion really began to shine through when I started working for a family-owned French perfumery whilst studying law at university. I was introduced to the thousands of different botanicals, and soon learnt the importance of quality when creating these precious scents. This newly-found skillset transformed my palate when tasting fine gins and whiskies; after becoming obsessed with the process of making these beautiful spirits, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the drinks industry. This soon led me to the family-run Wemyss Family Spirits.

As the E-Commerce Manager, the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic has been astronomical. We’ve learnt to adapt quickly and have become stronger as a team, resulting in huge changes for our online shops. For me, every day is different; I still make use of my law degree when looking after the technical parts of e-commerce, but also get to exercise creative flare as I optimise our websites and lead our customers through the captivating narrative of Darnley’s Gin.

My go-to drink is Darnley’s Navy Strength Gin with tonic water and a big juicy wedge of grapefruit. The quality of Darnley’s Gin is unrivalled; every sip is bursting with the world’s most prestigious botanicals, a bouquet of flavour that’s expertly arranged by Scott before it even touches the still. This bucks the trend of most gins, which often perfect their recipe after it comes out the other end. When I see somebody drinking Darnley’s Gin, I know they must appreciate fine spirits.”

Shop Bethany’s favourite, Darnley’s Navy Strength Gin

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