Darnley's x London Essence Co. G&T Bundles

Darnley’s Gin has partnered with London Essence Co. to bring you two G&T bundles that you can enjoy at home!

BUNDLE 1: Darnley’s Original and London Essence Co. Original Tonic. You can order one 70cl bottle and get 12 bottles of tonic to create a perfect serve with a lemon wheel garnish.

BUNDLE 2: An alternative is a bottle of Darnley’s Spiced Gin with Grapefruit and Rosemary Tonic, the bundle includes 12 bottles of this delicious mixer.

The London Essence company uses traditional distillation techniques to create light and elegant drinks for the 21st century. Using distilled essences, imagination and input from leading bartenders, they have crafted a range of carefully calibrated mixers with a contemporary edge.

The entire collection is delicately light and low in calories, with naturally sourced sweetness and no more than 20 calories per 100ml. The result is a more sophisticated flavour profile that flatters discerning palates and allows the distinct note of a spirit to shine through.


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