Darnley's Honey!

We finally have honey flowing from the beehives at Darnley's!

This is really exciting for us as we are always looking at ways to reintroduce the environment to a sense of normality when it comes to all things nature. The bees have been helping us in our new Gin Garden where botanicals we use in distillation are growing.

We are determined to always look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and have home grown botanicals, pollinated by resident honey bees, is another strong step in that direction.

This is a honeycomb fresh from the hive and ready to go into Mandy's spinner that she uses to extract the most honey without damaging the comb...

"I spin the honey out and give the combs back to the bees to refill. It takes them much more energy to build wax comb than to make honey." - Mandy

Honey flowing from the spinner into buckets - look at that golden goodness! It is then sieved and allowed to settle before going into jars. No heating or other treatment applied, this is our honey, pure, unaltered and simple.

We will keep you updated for when you can buy this delicious honey!

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  • always interested in HONEY.

    Maggie Martin

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