Meet the Team: Ginny Boswell, Regional Sales Manager

Next up in our Meet the Team series, introducing Ginny Boswell, Regional Sales Manager.

“My journey into the spirits industry was somewhat haphazard, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Upon joining Wemyss Family Spirits, I initially covered a wide variety of roles, before my ability to speak French led to William Wemyss asking me to pay a market visit to France. Eight years and a European Sales Manager role later, it’s safe to say that visit was a success!

My love of travel, meeting people and discovering local cuisines ties in nicely with working alongside our distributors to grow our brands. As a wine and gin drinker, whisky wasn’t a drink that featured heavily on my radar before joining the company; my parents are largely teetotal, so there was no helpful introduction at an early age! However, after expressing this concern to William, he said that there was no issue and gave me some invaluable advice: try everything and keep an open mind!”

Follow along on Ginny’s journey on Instagram at @wemyss_ginny

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