Distilling Darnley's
The time honoured way
Distilling Darnley's

To create the great tasting flavour of Darnley's Gin, we use a range of seeds, roots, fruits, herbs, berries and spices collectively known as 'botanicals'. Juniper berries must be one of the ingredients in order for it to be classed as a gin, but after that you can choose from endless combinations of botanicals each creating a unique flavour. Our botanicals are carefuly selected from across the world; whether that’s cloves from Zanzibar, coriander from Morocco or juniper from Bulgaria.


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The London Dry Method

Each bottle of Darnley’s Gin begins with the highest quality British grown grain spirit and the finest botanical ingredients.

Our gin is distilled in a London Dry style which means no flavours or sugars are added after distillation, only purified water to reduce our gin to its bottling strength. We use a small 300l pot still, where the carefully selected combination of roots, seeds and berries are steeped in the four times distilled neutral grain spirit, allowing the essential oils and flavours to be released from the botanicals, before the fifth and final distillation. 

The master distiller throws away the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ and saves just the ‘heart’ of the distillation which is the best part of the run in terms of flavour and quality. It’s at this point that the skills of the distiller are revealed as the method of London Dry gin making, requires the distiller to achieve the full balance of botanical flavours in the distillation as we cannot enhance the flavours later on.